Sjal from Ethereal Supercelestial

I'm the one really few people understand.Even in the way I write & talk,I often use Latin expressions & ways to "build" sentences...my personality,my temper r too different from other people's ones.Lately a really bizzarre phenomenon happened,& I was so confused that I thought:"When I know the answer to this question,I will know if I'm an idiot,or a genius".Right,"an idiot,or a genius".The most complicated situations seem plain to me,I soon reduce the fact to the concept,most of the times.The complexity is truly an illusion.Maybe this happens because I feel with the "hjarta",& not only with the "sjal" & the mind...how much important is the balance?Simply fundamental for the best forma mentis u gotta have to be close to Perfection.
I'm too out of the world I must live in